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Off-Campus Housing Safety Service

To create better and safer living environment for students who live off-campus, we offer some steps for you when you are finding a rental house. This information is for students who live off-campus excluding BOT and please refer to the following steps.


Beginning of the new semester, please fill in the form on NTU registration day, or you may do it online at off-campus housing survey registration .
The form required landlord’s name and contact number, address of rented house, safety equipment …etc.
Be sure to ask and check all of the information.And the following is a flow process chart of emergency. (Student safety)


We will give you a phone interview, and remind you a few matters about renting house. At the same time, we will visit your landlord, know about the condition of your rental house, and wish you would have a good relation with your landlord.


If you have other problems about renting house, please refer to:
(1)Student Housing Service Division:
Miss Huang
Tel: 02-33662266
(2)Tsuei Ma Ma Foundation for Housing and Community Service(崔媽媽基金會)
Web: www.tmm.org.tw
For more details, please go on this website: 賃居關懷安全宣導 (Chinese version only)
Web: Off-Campus Housing Safety Service
Campus emergency calls:
Student Safety Center 24-hour telephone :3366-9119
Police in 24-hour telephone :3366-9110
Health Center Ambulance (08:00 - 17:00): 3366-9595

*「Renting safety and notice」

1. What you should know before renting.

How to make sure if the house you are going to rent is suitable or not?
Here are some tips, try them out!
Before renting, check out the surrounding environment, safety and the landlord’s personality.

2. After moving into the rental house.

Especially girls should pay attention on these.

I. Check out if there is any public transportation around, especially the transportation to school.
II. How is the street lighting around the renting house.
III. Better to visit the renting house with your friends or family.
IV. If you want to visit the renting house by your own, please remember to inform your family or friends of the location, contact number and the time you are going, and be sure to keep in touch with them.
V. While visiting the renting house alone, remember where the door is and keep it open, so that you can get out the house quickly if something happens.

3. Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning:

When having shower by using a water heater, or cooking meal with gas stove, make sure the air circulation in the room. Do not close the doors and windows just because of cold, it will resulting incomplete combustion, causing the carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, before going out or bedtime, check the electricity and whether the gas are turned off, to ensure safety.

4. Personal safety:

Returning to home during the night or pass through a dark remote alley, be careful if someone tracking, self-protection items such as whistle, pepper spray etc. should be always keep inside your beg.

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