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To maintain peace on campus, and to ensure the safety of our students;

To maintain the accident reporting system;

To provide military education courses;

To promote safety education and life education;

To enforce compulsory military conscription, and to protect the students’ right


Campus Safety

The scope of campus safety includes: treatment of student emergencies, maintenance of overall security of the campus and promotion of student safety education. The campus safety education encompasses helping the students’ adaptation to their college lives, including their academic studies, personal and social aspects.

Teaching of Military Courses

The military courses are designed to provide proper education on both theory and practical applications to emphasize to the students of the importance of national security. We also help students understand their required length of service and support these students in passing the reserved and on-commissioned officer examinations.

Student Care

Each college has a safety advisor overseeing students’ special conditions, especially during and after emergencies to provide support and counseling. To further ensure the welfare of the students, special assistance is given to the "Lonely Star Program” for those students who come from underprivileged areas, as well to all students renting off-campus to provide proper attention and assistance.

Military Service

All male citizens are required to serve in the military for a set length of time. In recent years, the government has been reforming the military service requirements. Hence in the interest of our male students, we have multiple programs for promoting proper career planning in accordance with the military service.

Overseas call please dial plus +886-2-below telephone number Outside of Taipei city and new Taipei city call please dial plus 02- below telephone number

Medical Emergency Numbers

3366-9595 (Health Center)

Emergency Reporting Numbers

3366-9110 (Security Unit of NTU)
3366-9119 (Student Safety Center)
3366-2003 (NTU Environmental Protection Center)
3366-2007 (Office of International Affairs )

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