Emergency Call 02-33669119


1. If you encounter fraud, just pick up the phone and dial national police agency anti-fraud hotline 165.
2. When you want to report a fraud to the police for help, besides dialing 165 directly, you can through the 165 official website (www.165.gov.tw) or 165 anti-fraud app to report it online.


*「About Bullying in Schools」

School bullying is the act of disparaging, excluding, bullying, harassing or teasing others directly or indirectly through words, pictures, symbols, physical movements or other means between students of the same or different schools. It put victim of bullying in a hostile or unfriendly school environment, causing mental, physical or property damage, or interfering with normal learning activities. In addition, the term "student" means "schools at all levels who have a student status, receiving further education or exchanging students" .

*What should I do if I am bullied?
1. Talk to teachers and parents.
2. Advice on contacting school about bullying.
3. Complaint to anti-bullying grievance hotline of the counties and city where you are.
4. Complaints to 24-hour grievance hotline (0800-200-885) of the Ministry of Education.
5. Ask for other help (police, classmates, friends, et al.)

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