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*「Traffic regulations」

In order to maintain school safety, create a learning-friendly environment, and make sure all the school members have the right concept and ability of self-protection, we promote the following traffic regulations:.

1. Facility (Article 119 of the Traffic Regulation, Ministry of Transportation and Communication)
The riders shall not change the devices without permission, and keep the safety equipments, including brakes, bells, head lamps, and reflectors function.

2. Loading (Article 122 of the Traffic Regulation)
Drivers shall not take a back-seater, and loading shall not over the rider’s shoulder, weigh no more than 20 kilograms, not sticking out the car longer that one kilometer, and within the width of the bicycle handles.

3. Driving (Article 124 of the Traffic Regulation)
i. Drivers shall obey the instructions of road traffic signs and markings, in addition to the command of the traffic police.
ii. Drivers shall keep on the right side of the slow traffic lane. For roads without a slow lane, drivers shall keep on the right side as well.
iii. Drivers shall not enter the fast traffic lane or the sidewalk, and must not cross the road in a crossing-forbidden area.

4. Crossing or turning at the intersection (Article 125 of the Traffic Regulation)
i. When making a left turn, drivers shall bypass the center of the road and turn left into the slow traffic lane on the right.
ii. On roads with more than four lanes and a refuge island dividing slow and fast lanes, drivers shall not turn left.

5. Parking (Article 131 of the Traffic Regulation)
Slow vehicles shall not be parked arbitrarily, and shall be discharged in order within the specified location or within the marked line.

In addition, beginning from the mid-April 2008, bicycle riders who run a red light or ride on the fast lane will be fined from 300 to 600 NTD, according to the Statute Governing Road Traffic. Moreover, carrying a person on the bicycle is prohibited. Riders will be fined from 300 to 600 NTD for violations; Drink driving is prohibited for bicycle riders, but there are no specific penalties according to which yet. Specific penalties will be drawn up in the future.

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